Digital Sport

As the digital revolution continues apace, emergent technologies and means of communication have presented new challenges and opportunities to the sport industry. In turn, researchers active in a number of disciplines have responded and are beginning to carve out a new field of study in its own right. However, this is still very much a growing and developing area, which researchers at the University of Salford are very much at the forefront of. 

Researchers at the University of Salford are interested in many aspects of contemporary sport, and in particular audience development and engagement, and especially those issues that emerge from what has been called the ‘digital turn’, such as augmented and virtual realities in sport, esports and sports video games. 

Research Outputs:

Lawrence, S. & Crawford, G. (eds) (2018) Digital Football Cultures: Fandom, Identities and Resistance, (in Leisure Studies Association book series), Routledge, London.