DiGRAUK 2017 conference programme




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Egg Suite

Room 3.11


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Abstracts Session 1 (Embodiments)

Abstracts Session 2



Mark Johnson & Jamie Woodcock:


“It’s like the Gold Rush”: The Lives and Careers of Professional Video Game Broadcasters

Ying Ying Law:


‘Where are all the female gamers?’ -– Female Gamers and Competitive Gaming in eSports


Tom Brock & Emma Fraser:



Is Gaming a Craft? Prehension, Practice and Pride in Gameplay

Rob Gallagher:


All Work and All Play: Time, Value and Gender in Destiny and Kim Kardashian Hollywood


Neil Dansey & Peter Howell:





Playful Developers: A Study of Artificial Constraints and Developer Experiences

Esther MacCallum-Stewart & Nia Wearn:



Enjoy! Façade Time Moonlit Dreamscapes, or “How we learned to use a boathook”. Adventures in Hidden Objects Games, Chapter 1










Abstracts Session 3 (Poetry/Humour/Politics)

Abstracts Session 4 (Game Environments)



Jon Stone:




Oil and Water: The Hurdle For Poetry Games

Aleena Chia:



Gaming the Participatory Commons: Achievement Systems in Live-action Role-play and its Organization

Aphra Kerr, Kristine Jørgensen, Josh Jarrett and Anna Ozimek:


Towards Comparative Game Industry and Production Studies - Beyond the Global


Claire Dormann:



Humour Odyssey




Juan Hiriart:



Exploring, Living and Imagining the Past: Studying the Role of Spatial Representation in Studying the Role of Spatial Representation in Game-based Historical Learning


Richard Bingham:


Border Play: engaging with the realities of socio-political systems in Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please.

Ali Umran:


Virtual Landscapes: A Practice-Based Exploration of Natural Environment Design



Lunch break & DiGRA meeting





Paper Session 1

(Human/Non-Human Labour)

Paper Session 2

(Game Design)


Alison Harvey, Nick Webber:


Cultivating Games Workers: Challenges and Opportunities in University-Industry Partnerships

Bradley James:



The Cultural Codes of Games Design


Sonia Fizek:


Idle” Games to (Dis)play. From Interactivity to Interpassivity.

Chris Bateman, International Hobo and Jose Zagal:


Game Design Lineages: Minecraft's Inventory





Paper Session 3

(Game Ethics)

Paper Session 4 (Aesthetics)


Carina Assunção:

Is Pokemon Go feminist?

Feng Zhu:

Computer Gameplay and the aesthetic practices of the self.


Joanna Cuttell:

Traumatic Prologues and Ethical Responses


Fabrizio Poltronieri:

Possible Relationships Between Art and Digital Games


Jesper Juul:

The Aesthetics of the Aesthetics of the Aesthetics of Video Games

17:30 +

Social event